Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Final Japanese Trailer is Out and It’s Good

Square Enix has released a final Japanese trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The footage is focused on the game’s story and a range of different characters.

Type-0 is set in Orience, a land which is divided by four nations known as Crystal States. Each nation hold a crystal that gives them control over a certain power. Each of them also have academies that allow them to protect and research on these crystals.

Also, these crystals have the ability to mark the residents of these four nations as servants of the country. High Commander Cid Aulstyne plans at attack on other three nations of Orience using an army of Milites. Using a crystal jammer, Milites forces gain easy access into Rubrum.

As seen in the new trailer, this attack provokes members of Class Zero, an elite class that use their souls as a source of magic instead of the crystal. The video shows the struggles of Class Zero during the battle.

In the end, we are shown a brief footage from Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo. The game looks absolutely gorgeous and features lush locations and massive beasts that won’t be easy to take down. After a hard day of battles, you can see team Noctis sitting back and enjoying a meal near a campfire.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is going to be released on March 17, while Final Fantasy XV is not yet given a release date.