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Fable Legends Gets a New Female Playable Character, ‘Evienne’

Developer Lionhead Studios has revealed a new playable character for the highly anticipated Fable Legends. Evienne is a new fighter who wields a legendary sword called Brobdingnagian.

Her family has been protecting the sword for generations and it’s her responsibilty. She and her family reside in the Muddypuddle village. The sword is awaiting the arrival of Albion’s true Heroes who’ll wield the sword once again.

“So for generations, the ladies of Evienne’s family have spent a few hours a day in the lake hoping a Hero will turn up to claim the sword.”

When no hero turned up to claim the sword and Evienne was bored sitting by the lake all alone, she decided to have some fun and swing the sword like a warrior. To her surprise, not only she was able to carry Brobdingnagian, but the sword began to “lead her in a series of thrusts, twirls and acrobatic slices.”

Those who observed her, had a hard time figuring out if the sword was wielded by the girl or the girl was wielded by the sword. One of claims to be a hero must “answer the King’s call for Heroes.”

That means he/she must be able to wield the sword and pronounce its name correctly. When Evienne realized she can do both, she went to the king immediately.

You can know more about her story from Lionhead Studios. Fable Legends is expected sometime this year for Xbox One and PC with cross-platform play functionality.