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Dying Light Patch 1.4.0 Now Available, Brings Back Modding

Earlier this month, developer Techland released patch 1.2.1 for Dying Light to block cheating and to make sure its PvP system isn’t abused. However, this had an unfortunate side-effect of stopping modders from making any changes to the game.

Techland later released a statement on Steam saying:

Creating obstacles for modders has never been our intention, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We are now working on a quick patch that will re-enable common tweaks while stopping cheating in the game’s multiplayer mode.

The patch they promised is finally here and modders should rest assured as they can now make changes to the game. With the release of patch 1.4.0, players that will have same modes installed for Dying Light will be allowed to play together online.

In addition, a number of needed fixes and tweaks included improvements to textures have been made. Moreover, infinite spit exploit in Be the Zombie mode has been put down. Here’s a list of notable changes from the patch notes:

Be-the-Zombie mode
• Fixed the ‘infinite spit’ exploit in Be-the-Zombie mode
• Fixed several issues with connecting to games when playing as the zombie
• Added additional tools for tracking network issues

Game data integrity (modding)
• Games can be modded
• Modded games will not work online with original unchanged versions
• Modded games will work with other identically modded games

Graphical Bugs
• Resolved extremely low resolution textures on certain objects regardless of texture quality settings

For more information, visit Steam.