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Clickbait Rumours Surround The Order 1886, Dev Frustration is Inevitable

Sony’s first big 2015 release for PlayStation 4 is coming out in a few days. Since the game was announced, there have been a number of concerns about it but Ready At Dawn kept on assuring fans that there’s nothing to worry about.

Personally, the only concern I had about the game was the lack of gameplay shown by Ready At Dawn. I hoped it wouldn’t be an overly cinematic experience with minimum engagement for the player, and I believe many of you shared this concern.

However, later on Ready at Dawn showed more of The Order 1886 and my concerns were gone for good. But it seems The Order 1886 just can’t catch a break as now some rumours suggest that The Order is just 5 hours long. That’s not all, another one claims that visuals have been downgraded. Thus, starting another cycle of concerns among fans.

Even if the rumour about visuals is true it wouldn’t be a surprise as this has become a common practice among developers over the years. With that said, over the past week or so many leaked gameplay videos were posted on YouTube. These videos were from early copies of the games which some fans were able to get their hands on. Each of them had one thing in common, they showed amazing visual fidelity.

Even in footage that was off-screen, the game looked gorgeous. So for me, a rumour that suggests a downgrade in visuals is hard to believe.

Now let’s talk about it being 5 hours long. This rumor started when a PSN user shared a list of trophies from The Order 1886. The data he posted also contain a timestamp which suggested he completed his run of the game within 5 hours.

What no one took into account was that the timestamp kicked off from the moment he earned his first trophy. That means he could have played the game for hours before getting one.

For a while, Ready At Dawn kept assuring fans and clearing things up as soon as they are asked the question. But now the studio has had enough and co-founder Andrea Pessino shared his frustration on Twitter by saying:

Note: I am done commenting on clickbait rumors about game length, “downgrade” idiocy and such nonsense. Don’t bother asking.

He has every right to be frustrated as the whole team worked for years to make an experience that will be remembered for a long time. Surely, there were and are concerns about the game but they are mostly based on baseless rumours and speculations.

Whether the game is downgraded or only 5 hours long can’t be known for sure until we play it for ourselves. Still, if  you are having second thoughts about getting the game, it’s best you wait for reviews to come-in before making a decision. That way, you’ll know for sure if The Order 1886 is worth buying or not.

I can only advise our readers to not judge any game based on rumours, The Order 1886 has potential and should be given a try.