Total War: Attila Documentary Discusses the History of Huns

Total War: Attila is just three days away from release and features the iconic Attila. He was a vicious warrior and the one who imposed a great threat to the Roman Empire. To shed some more light on Attila aka Attila The Hun, Creative Assembly has released a video documentary.

Hosted by historian Paul Harrison, the documentary discusses the life of Attila The Hun. Majority of information the modern world has about Attila, is described from the POV of his enemies. As a result, he is portrayed as more of a beast than human, says Harrison.

There have also been rumors of Attila being a centaur, a mythical creature with the face, torso and arms of a human while having the lower body of a horse.

Harrison explains it is believed that Attila The Hun used fear as a productive weapon to boost his reputation across Europe. What we know for certain is that The Huns, commanded by Attila, destroyed many cities of Europe and swept countless areas.

There is also a legend of Attila Poising his own brother but there aren’t many sources to back this story. However, these Legends play a big role in portraying him as a ferocious character, one with no regard for human lives.

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