Tekken 7: New Off-Screen Footage Shows Shaheen and Lucky Chloe in Action

Tekken 7 is being played in Japanese arcades and Katsuhiro Harada is at the scene wearing what looks like a Pikachu costume. But that’s not the story, Harada is visiting an arcade to walk us through the first gameplay footage of Shaheen and a rather controversial character, Lucky Chloe.

In addition, we are also given a look at Kazuya who was seen taking on Lucky Chloe and then Shaheen. However, poor Kazuya was just being used as a sparring partner.

Shaheen looks amazing, he isn’t the quickest but he is a powerhouse with a range of moves at his disposal. He wears the traditional Saudi Keffiyeh and an eagle piece on his left shoulder. This middle eastern character is certainly one to look out for.

Lucky Chloe on the other hand is a weird character, she dances around somewhat similar to Eddy Gordo and even some of her moves resemble Gordo’s. With that said, she does have the advantage of speed over some of her competitors. Dressed as a cat she packs a number different ground and aerial moves.

Since her reveal Lucky Chloe was branded as a”furry Vocaloid idol” by numerous fans. At one point, fans even asked for an option to remove some characters – specifically Chloe – from the main roster.

Players in North America who consider her as a “furry Vocaloid idol” should rest assured that she is exclusive to EU and East Asia. Harada has explained that if fans in NA don’t want to see her in the game, they will get a different character instead. Hence, the character is now exclusive to said regions.

Check out the video above and let us know of your opinion of Shaheen and Lucky Chloe in the comments.