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New Humble Weekly Bundle Announced for Lovers

For Valentine’s Day, Humble Weekly Bundle has announced a new bundle “for lovers.” The bundle includes a few visual novels, Hatoful Boyfriend dakimakura and a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards.

Moreover, for the price of just $1 you can get your hands on a Hate Story, Long Live the Queen and Go! Go! Nippon! – My First Trip to Japan.

If you can spare some more money, you can get Hate Plus, WORLD END ECONOMICA episode.01 Roommates: Deluxe Edition. If you wish to get it all, you will have to spend $8 or more. For this price, you can get Hatoful Boyfriend in addition to everything else.

There is also a pillowcase on sale called Hatoful Boyfriend Lovers Pillowcase. On one side of the pillowcase you can see a print of Ryouta’s human form while on the other side Ryouta’s pigeon form is printed. As for the measurements, the pillowcase is around 1.5 meters in length and is 0.5 meters wide.

It will cost you $35 and you should know that the pillowcase comes without a pillow. Meaning you’ll have to use one of your own.

Visit the official Humble Bundle page and enter your email address at the bottom of this page. Doing so will give you free Hatoful Boyfriend Valentine’s Day cards in your inbox.