Heroes of the Storm Valentine’s Day Trailer Shows off Skins

First it was Square Enix who came up with the Final Fantasy XIV Valentine‚Äôs Day Event this year and then Nintendo decided to release these Valentine’s Day Cards to pull you out of the friend-zone.

Now Blizzard have jumped onto the bandwagon by releasing a new Heroes of the Storm trailer featuring three themed skins of Love Bug Anub’arak called Love is in The Air.

Regardless of whether or not you have someone to split your box of chocolates with, we have some special treats to share with you during this year’s Love is in the Air celebration.

The trailer itself is pretty amusing; you see everything in the game laden with red hearts and other symbols of love. That is when the Traitor King’s love avatar comes into play; one of the characters is shown surfing dating websites and stumbles upon Love Bug Anub’arak.

Next up we see the two fighting together for the win and the trailer ends with a ‘happily ever after’ as the two of them walk away hand in hand, with a heart shaped formation of minions following them.

Fans of Heroes of the Storm can get the Love is in the Air items for a price. Love Bug Anub’arak Skin alone costs $9.99 while a bundle that also includes the original Anub’arak costs $14.98.

Are you going to buy the Love Bug skins in Heroes of the Storm?