Apple Promote Pay Once and Play Model to Freemium Haters

We all love free games and some of the popular mobile games follow free-to-play model as well. However, free-to-play or freemium games aren’t actually free. There are two major annoyances when it comes to free mobile games – random ads that often distract you and microtransaction.

Apple has come up with a solution to this problem. The company has announced a new initiative called “Pay Once & Play.”

The category is introduced under Apple’s coveted “Featured” section and contains games that charge you only once and feature no in-app purchases afterwards. It’s strange to see Apple introduce such a model as for years, the app store was filled with games featuring microtransactions.

Players use money to buy items, in-game currency and more but with this “Pay Once & Play” category, Apple could potentially change the whole landscape of mobile games.

Apple had some trouble in the past with freemium games, it had to face many lawsuits from parent claiming their children made in-app purchase without their consent. This will also help in this regard, as parents can pay once to purchase a game for their kids, without having to worry about microtransactions.

This doesn’t mean Apple will remove freemium games from the App store. However, this provides users an option to get rid of microtransactions and hopefully, more companies will follow in Apple’s footsteps.