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World of Warcraft Graphics will Improve with Update 6.1

Alright I understand that many of the people who are actually playing World of Warcraft might not know much about the technologies being used to give them the game; it is all geeky stuff, things that nerds talk about to make a non-nerd feel inferior.

Anyhow, the next patch i.e update 6.1 is going to bring in some interesting changes to those massively nerdy technologies that will result in a much better graphical output of the game. In layman’s language, the game will tart looking even better.

The official website of World of Warcraft has a post under the Engineer’s Workshop. They talk about anti-aliasing and lighting improvements that the game is going to get. The most important change you are going to experience is the switch from the old screen space ambient occlusion method to Nvidia’s latest HBAO+.

We’ve been hard at work on a number of new graphical features for Patch 6.1, and we’re excited to provide a glimpse at how they’re shaping up.

First up, Patch 6.1 will introduce a new screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) method from NVIDIA known as HBAO+, targeted at higher end video cards. This high-quality ambient occlusion option should be available to most players running recommended spec machines.

Alongside tons of other technical information, the developers have also shared some comparison images that show off exactly what will change after HBAO+ comes at play.

In the patch 6.1 a S.E.L.F.I.E camera is also going to make way to the game – I am sure that would have piqued your interest. However, the community of World of Warcraft has been exemplary in the recent months; they collected $1.9 million in funds for Ebola virus relief funds.

You might want to visit to find out all the technical aspects of the graphical changes.