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PETA Protests Against Evolve and Its Portrayal of Monsters

As another example of folks taking fictional settings of a video game a bit too seriously, PETA has petitioned against the portrayal of the “Monster” in the recently released game, Evolve.

The title from the creators of Left 4 Dead pits four hunters against a monster, which is also controlled by a fifth human player. The task is simple, the hunters track down the beast to put it down. The monster on the other hand is on the run, eating wildlife and ‘evolving’ into something fierce. Once it has achieved enough strength, it can fight back.

According to one protestor, even “the name [Evolve] itself is degrading.”

“And… the monster has to eat meat,” she said while showing off her painted body in reference to the Goliath in the game. “There is no vegetarian or vegan option. That’s sick, Vegan monsters are grossly under-represented in the game industry.”

Another protester exclaimed that there should be a more humane way of dealing with the monster in the game. I don’t think anyone at Turtle Rock Studios got that memo.

I’m all for animal rights, as we should all be, but in this case PETA is stretching its boundaries.

via TenTonHammer