New Final Fantasy XV Demo to be Livestreamed Next Week

Next month, players are going to buy a Final Fantasy XV demo as part of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. It’s not that we are not excited for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but we have been waiting to get our hands on FF XV for years.

If you are not planning on picking-up a copy of Type-0 HD for yourself, you can still see what the demo of FF XV has in-stored. How? Square Enix has announced they would be live-streaming the demo next week. During the demo, developers will explain the hardest thing for a player to figure out for themselves, controls!

Yes, believe it or not, understanding controls of a game is finally made easy. The amazing initiative is being taken by none-other than Hajime Tabata.

In addition, during the live-stream if you have a hard time understanding what’s going-on around you, Tabata will also be commenting on gameplay and progression. Lastly, developers will talk and share more about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

The stream will play on Youtube and NicoNico on February 20, 8:00PM Japan. Hopefully, new details about Final Fantasy XV will also be shared with us.

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for years and many considered it to be scrapped. Thankfully, the game has come out of development hell and will soon be ready for a public release.

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