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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Starter Pack Adds Mario and Luigi Outfits and More

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has finally landed in the west. The action role-playing title is now available in North America and Europe, and comes with an updated 1.1 patch that adds a few items to help out new players in their early questing.

The patch can be downloaded through the Nintendo eShop and features the following items:

  • Mega Potion x50
  • Honey x30
  • Mega Dash Juice x15
  • Well-done Steak x30
  • Max Potion x10
  • Lifepowder x20
  • Ancient Potion x5
  • Flash Bomb x30
  • Sonic Bomb x30
  • Pitfall Trap x15
  • Shock Trap x15
  • Super Mushroom x6

The “Super Mushroom” item is pretty nifty for Nintendo fans. It allows you to craft Mario and Luigi outfits, along with the matching Invincible Hammer once you’ve completed the first two “Capital C” challenges given to you by the Caravaneer.

You won’t be able to craft anything more once you’ve exhausted the six Super Mushrooms. In the future, Capcom will release the Congalala free DLC quest, which will give players access to create those outfits again.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on September 14. It’s the second installment in the franchise and made a lot of heads turn overseas. There’s little reason to doubt that it will continue its streak following its release here.

Source Capcom-Unity