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Gunslinger Stratos 2 is Getting Ultra Street Fighter IV Costumes

Byking and Square Enix’s are collaborating with Capcom to bring funky Ultra Street Fighter IV costumes Gunslinger Stratos 2.

The information was shared on JAEPO 2015 and during the event, Yoshinori Ono was seen indulging in his usual cosplay shenanigans. Ono was spotted in a Blanka costume along with some other Capcom developers in their own different Street Fighter costumes.

Below you can see a number of images of Street Fighter inspired costumes, and all of them are going to be available for Gunslinger Stratos 2.

If you want to play in your favorite Street Fighter character costume in Gunslinger Stratos 2, you will have to wait until Spring 2015. Capcom nor Square Enix has mentioned whether these costumes are free or paid content.

In other Street Fighter news, Yoshinori Ono has stated that he would like to make Street Fighter V for PS Vita in the future.

“It will be an exclusive for the PS4 and PC. I’d like to make it for the Vita in the future, but for now, my focus is for Sony and the PS4.”

Would you like to see Street Fighter V on PS Vita? Let us know of your opinion in the comments below!