First Just Cause 3 Trailer Sets the World on Fire!

If you were growing tired of only being able to see screenshots of Just Cause 3 – I wouldn’t blame you even if you were – this news is going to cheer you up.

Avalanche Studios have released the first trailer for the game and it is really, really hot!

Christofer Sundberg the Cofounder and CCO of Avalanche Studios says that the trailer “hints at some of the new features we’re bringing with Just Cause 3, and sets the tone for what you can expect from the first look at gameplay that we’re working hard on.”

It is just a cinematic trailer but the few seconds of glimpses that you get at Rico are really a treat for the eye.

As far as the gameplay trailers are concerned, Sundberg says that they have poured their hearts out into making the game and they wouldn’t want to disappoint us by showing us something that hasn’t reached the desired level of awesomeness.

Which is why they are making us wait. If you ask me, we have waited this long for Just Cause 3 to become a real thing, I am sure the community can wait a little longer.

Just Cause 3 is being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; it doesn’t have a release date yet but developers say we should expect it this year.