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Fans Will Be Pleased With Just Cause 3’s Visuals and “Epic Explosions”

Avalanche Studios has full faith that Just Cause 3 will surprise fans with its amazing visuals and ‘spectacular’ settings.

In a recent interview with Red Bull, the game’s director Roland Lesterlin promised that Just Cause 3 will have the “most optimized experience possible.” He though did not talk about what frame-rates players can expect from the new installment.

He did however, say that currently the studio is not eying any particular frame-rate target during development. Players though can expect plenty of “epic explosions.”

“Of course Just Cause is known for destruction and beautiful explosions, so we wanted to make sure we were really getting out in front of that one,” he said. “Thanks to our relationship with Havok [the developer of a leading game physics engine], which has been amazing over the years, we’ve been able to really push our destruction to another level there and really push huge, epic explosions.”

Just Cause 3 will not deter from the sandbox experience players have come to know from previous installments. “It’s your sandbox,” he stated. Players will have absolute freedom to go bananas in any way possible.

Against recent rumors of the game including microtransactions, Avalanche Studios has confirmed that there will be no such thing. At the moment a multiplayer option has not been confirmed.

Just Cause 3 was announced in November last year and is scheduled for release in June 2015 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.