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Evolve Medic Class Strategy Guide – Val, Lazarus, Caira

Out of 4 Hunter Classes in EVOLVE, the Medic is the most important one. It’s on this Hunter to keep his or her teammates alive.

Evolve Medic Class Strategy

Due to their responsibility, these are the Monster’s primary targets. This guide is solely designed to provide an overview of everything you need to know about Medic Class and how to play it.

Class Ability – Healing Burst

Cooldown Time: 22 seconds
Maximum Radius: 15 Meters
Effective Healing: 350 HP

The Healing Burst can heal every Hunter in its effective radius, even the Medic. Since it’s a long cooldown time, it’s wise to use it sparingly and intelligently. Communication is of paramount importance in Evolve, but while playing as a Medic, it’s even more important.

Prior to using the Healing Burst, make sure to let your teammates know so they don’t miss out on it. Players playing as Val and Caira often neglect the Healing Burst due to their healing abilities, but I’d recommend using it as soon as you’re a little down your maximum HP.


This Hunter is unlocked by default and is available from the start. For information regarding her Character Mastery and Mastery Unlocks, check our Evolve Character Mastery Guide.

Loadout: Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle, MedGun, Tranquilizer Gun, Healing Burst

Among the three Medic Hunters, Val is my personal favorite – she’s an incredible healer; possess the abilities to slow down the Monster, and even dish out some serious damage. There’s literally nothing in her loadout that you shouldn’t.

When playing her, you’ll often find yourself switching to everything in your arsenal. Due to this fact, I’d highly encourage going with Quick Switch Perk to make this process a tad faster.

Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle
Like its name suggests, this thing is capable of putting a hole in the Monster’s armor. The gun’s extremely accurate and contains a high damage output.

Once the weapon has done its work and created a hole in the Monster’s skin, other Hunters can aim for it for the maximum damage output. Do note that the weapon must be reloaded after every shot and its reload time is quite sluggish.

The best way to utilize the gun’s maximum potential is to combine it with the Mobile Arena. Once the Trapper has immobilized the Monster within the Mobile Arena, place as many shots as you can to aid your other teammates.

MedGun is Val’s primary source of healing on the field. When using this weapon, always make sure to face the target you’re required to heal and keep the trigger pressed. As long as the trigger is pressed, Val will continue to heal the teammates within its range.

There’s no need to be extremely accurate with your healing, as MedGun possesses the auto-aim ability. Use auto-aim and auto-center capabilities to heal multiple teammates in a quick succession. Another important feature of MedGun is that it can revive incapacitated Hunters.

Tranquilizer Gun
Aside from healing, Val is also capable of highlighting the Monster and slowing it down, all thanks to Tranquilizer Gun. Despite its awesomeness, the weapon has a couple of flaws. First of all, it’s an extremely sluggish rate of fire and has extremely lengthy reload duration.

Tranquilizer Gun works best when used against Kraken and Wraith. When used on Kraken, it allows the beast to fall on the ground and makes Wraith extremely sluggish. While running with Trapper, make sure to use it on the Monster as soon as it’s trapped inside the Mobile Arena, allowing other Hunters to find you and locate the Monster.


This Hunter is unlocked by completing Tier 1 Character Mastery Requirement for Val. For information regarding his Character Mastery and Mastery Unlocks, check our Evolve Character Mastery Guide.

Loadout: Silenced Sniper Rifle, Lazarus Device, Personal Cloak, Healing Burst

Unlike Val, Lazarus doesn’t possess a secondary healing ability, but has something much more useful in its place. Dubbed as the Lazarus Device, this thing is capable of bringing Hunters back from the dead.

Therefore, it’s of paramount important that he stays alive and running. His Primary Weapon, Silenced Sniper Rifle, works almost same as Val’s Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle, but packs a higher rate of fire.

Silenced Sniper Rifle
Like I’ve mentioned above, Silenced Sniper Rifle works exactly like Val’s Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle, containing a high rate of fire and damage output. It can pierce a hole in the Monster’s armor, creating weak spots for Assault and other Hunters.

Due to the weapon’s high rate of fire, you can create as many holes in the Monster as you want within a short duration of time. As the name clearly suggests, the weapon doesn’t let leave any traces like Val’s weapon.

Adopting a similar strategy as Val, once the Monster is trapped within the Mobile Arena, put your trigger-finger to work and place as many holes as you can.

Tip: It’s a good idea to spread the shots across the Monster’s body instead of concentrating on a single location to aid the Hunters with bad accuracy.

Lazarus Device
This little device is the most valuable thing in Lazarus’ arsenal. Using this, he can bring any dead Hunter back to life. One important thing to note here is that there’s a specific duration in which you’re required to revive a teammate.

However, I’d advise against looking for every other Hunter and trying to revive him. Your primary target ought to be the Medic as he or she can make your life a tad easier. Furthermore, the revived Hunter doesn’t wake up with full HP.

Therefore, you’re required to use the Healing Burst as soon as a Hunter is revived. Last but not the least, the whole process of reviving a Hunter takes a lot of time so it’s better to ensure that the Monster is not lurking around or use your Personal Cloak.

Personal Cloak
Like the name suggests, Lazarus’ Personal Cloak allows him to stay invisible and move past the Monster and injured Hunters without any difficulty.

The idea is to use Personal Cloak as much as possible for reviving other teammates. One major thing that you need to note is that Goliath’s Fire Breath can reveal the location of invisible Lazarus.


This Hunter is unlocked by completing Tier 1 Character Mastery Requirement for Lazarus. For information regarding her Character Mastery and Mastery Unlocks, check our Evolve Character Mastery Guide.

Loadout: Napalm Grenade Launcher, Healing Grenade Launcher, Acceleration Field, Healing Burst

Caira is one of the most fun to Hunters to play in EVOLVE. Her Grenade Launcher packs two capabilities – it can heal other teammates and does incendiary damage to the Monster and wildlife.

In addition to this, Acceleration Field is also pretty unique as it allows fellow Hunters to reach the Monster in as less time as possible.

Napalm Grenade Launcher
This weapon deals incendiary damage to the Monster and wildlife and also dishes out DoT (damage over time). For the best accuracy, it’s best to hold down the aiming button. Doing so produces an arc for the best possible accuracy.

There’s not some fixed strategy involved in using the weapon. Just make sure to bombard the Monster with multiple shots as soon as you see it trapped inside the Mobile Arena.

Healing Grenade Launcher
This is exactly like the Napalm Grenade Launcher except that it fires healing grenades instead of incendiary grenades.

As soon as you see your fellow Hunters engaging the Monster, use your Napalm Grenade Launcher to damage the Monster and cycle to Healing Grenade Launcher to heal your fellow Hunters at the same time.

The idea is to aim the shots in such a way that it at least heals a couple of Hunters. In addition to this, the Healing Grenade Launcher can also pick up incapacitated Hunters and even use it on you for some self-healing in case there’s no other Medic available.

Acceleration Field
With Acceleration Field, Caira can grant her teammates and herself an incredible speed to reach the Monsters and objectives. It’s extremely important for other teammates to stick close to Caira to be benefitted from the speed.

In addition to this, this ability can also be used to evade the Monster’s attacks and even get away from it. The best way to use the Acceleration Field is by combining it with Daisy.

Keep on following Daisy under the effect of the Acceleration Field to reach the Monster as fast as possible. With this tactic, players get themselves a decent chance of reaching the Monster before it undergoes evolution.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below.