Evolve Assault Class Strategy Guide – Markov, Hyde, Parnell

While playing as a Hunter, there’re 4 classes to choose from: Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support.

Each of these classes/roles contains 3 Hunters, each with unique abilities, weapons, and overall experience. This guide is solely dedicated to Assault, in which I’ll talk about each Hunter and how to use each one effectively.

When playing Assault, make sure to stay in front. You’re the soldiers who’re required to dish out and absorb a large of damage using the Class Ability, Personal Shield.

All three Hunters belonging to Assault are equipped with a couple of deadly weapons, but make sure to use the third unique skill as much as possible.

Class Ability – Personal Shield

Cooldown Time: 30 seconds
Duration: 10 seconds

Personal Shield lasts for a little while, so the idea is to use it carefully. It’s better to deploy it just as the Monster begins attacking.

I don’t even mind taking a couple of hits from the Monster, as long as I’ve a Medic keeping me alive. The best thing about the Personal Shield is that it can be deployed while downed, giving your teammates a chance to revive you without worrying about the Monster.


This Hunter is unlocked by default and is available from the start. For information regarding his Character Mastery and Mastery Unlocks, check our EVOLVE – Character Mastery Guide.

Loadout: Lightning Gun, Assault Rifle, Arc Mines, Personal Shield

Both weapons at Markov’s disposal are extremely deadly. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t utilize their complete capacity.

The idea is to use a weapon to its full and switch to the other one while the first one cools down. Don’t forget about the Arc Mines as these can get your teammates and you out of an unfortunate situation.

Lightning Gun
This energy-weapon ought to be your primary damage-dealing weapon so use it as much as possible. One of the best things about this weapon is that it can chain among enemies near one another.

Therefore, it’s recommended to use it on packs of wildlife and deprive the Monster of its feed.

Additionally, it’s also serves really well in Defend Mode. It’s also very useful for finding the Monster – keep the trigger pressed and it’ll not shoot until there’s an enemy nearby, but the light helps.

Assault Rifle
This weapon has an insanely long range. I’d highly recommend using it as soon as you see the Monster fleeing or spot it from a distance.

Furthermore, you can also use it whenever you’re moving in on a close range to use your Lightning Gun. Due to extremely long range of this weapon, it’s advisable that you use it against Kraken.

Arc Mines
These things are best-suited for dishing out high damage, crowd control, and even defending the objectives. Do keep in mind is that a Hunter can’t throw more than five Arc Mines at any given time. As soon as random wildlife or the Monster appears near it, it takes massive damage.

The idea is to place these mines near choke points and objectives so as to maximize your chances of dealing damage.

Another small tip that you need to keep in mind is never to place all five mines in a single area as the Monster can take them all out with a single hit. Although these mines are not so much effective against flying enemies, using them as bait near cliff edges will definitely work in your favor.


This Hunter is unlocked by completing Tier 1 Character Mastery Requirement for Markov. For information regarding his Character Mastery and Mastery Unlocks, check our EVOLVE – Character Mastery Guide.

Loadout: Flamethrower, Minigun, Toxic Grenade, Personal Shield

Hyde is most damage-dealing Hunter when it comes to Assault, thanks to its Flamethrower. The only drawback that the Flamethrower has is its little range.

Therefore, you’re required to get in close range before attacking. The Minigun, on the other end, packs an extremely long range. Similar to Markov, you should stick to the Minigun as you try and get in close range to use your Flamethrower.

Like I mentioned above, this thing has the best damage output across all Hunter weapons.

The idea is to get in close range and ram the fire button. The damage is not the only thing which makes it good. Enemies caught in the flames continue to burn and receive damage over time (DoT) which makes it ideal to use against packs of wildlife.

I’d also suggest trying and taking a couple of shots at the Monster early in the game and keeping up with this habit.

Both the Minigun and Toxic Grenades work extremely well when your target flees the Flamethrower’s range. Additionally, you can also use the weapon to determine the Wraith’s location by setting her hiding spots at fire.

Needless to say, but this thing does incredible damage to wildlife and must be used to avoid in imminent threats before they occur.

This weapon has incredible rate of fire (RoF) and range, but lacks a little when it comes to damage output. I’d not recommend using it in close quarters, but sticking to long range and targeting weak spots unveiled by Val or Lazarus.

Toxic Grenade
Like the name suggests, this grenade creates a cloud of poisonous gas near the location of its impact which deals high damage for 7 seconds. There’re endless ways through which you can use this grenade for area control.

Ofttimes, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the Monster as these creatures tend to find themselves a good vantage point. In such situations, it’s a good idea to toss one of these Toxic Grenades at the Monster and cause it to reroute.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the Toxic Grenade can also slow down your own teammates so use it wisely.


This Hunter is unlocked by completing Tier 1 Character Mastery Requirement for Hyde. For information regarding his Character Mastery and Mastery Unlocks, check our EVOLVE – Character Mastery Guide.

Loadout: Combat Shotgun, Multifire Rocket Launcher, Super Soldier, Personal Shield

Similar to his other class-companions, Parnell gets into the fray equipped with a couple of weapons: the Combat Shotgun and the Multifire Rocket Launcher.

As with most of the shotguns in different shooters, the Combat Shotgun requires Parnell to get in close range to make his shots count. Due to this fact, it’s extremely important to stick to his Personal Shield more than anything.

The Multifire Rocket Launcher, on the other hand, packs decent range and firepower. One thing that you shouldn’t neglect at all is the Super Soldier which allows you to increase your movement speed, rate of fire, and overall damage output.

Be careful as all of this come at a small cost of your HP. All in all, Parnell is a tough character to master, but once you get the hang of him, he’s incredibly fun and rewarding.

Combat Shotgun
Although you’re required use this weapon at close range, one good thing about it is that it’s not semi-automatic.

Like I’ve mentioned above, Parnell is able to dish out some serious damage, similar to other Assault Hunters. But since this weapon requires you to get in near to the Monster to make your shots count, I’d recommend staying on your toes to use your Personal Shield whenever you see an incoming attack.

Another important thing that should note is that both weapons at Parnell’s disposal have a sluggish reload time so I’d advise trying out Speed Reload Perk – but it all comes down to personal preference.

Furthermore, the Combat Shotgun is not very effective against Kraken – this is where you’re required to stick to your Multifire Rocket Launcher.

Multifire Rocket Launcher
Seeing that his primary weapon is a shotgun, Parnell indeed need a long-ranged weapon and this is where the Multifire Rocket Launcher comes to the rescue. Before using this weapon, do note that the projectiles from this rocket launcher travel in a straight line so you need to be very careful with your aiming.

The idea is to aim for a wall or at your target’s feet to let the rocket explode and damage all nearby creatures as well as the Monster itself. If you’re playing against a Kraken, this should become your primary weapon as the Combat Shotgun is no good against that Monster.

Super Soldier
This is one of the most valuable asset at Parnell’s disposal.

The Super Soldier ability allows this Hunter to receive increased damage, rate of fire, and movement speed; but at the cost of a chunk of his HP. If you’re going to use Parnell, make sure to complete Super Soldier Mastery as it’ll enable you to use it for 9 seconds.

The idea is to treat the Super Soldier as Personal Shield, meaning that you ought to use it sparingly and efficiently. One important thing that you need to keep in mind is never to use Super Soldier while low on HP as it’ll knock Parnell down.

Always keep a Medic by your side whenever you’re using this ability to receive constant healing. Lastly, only use it whenever you’ve ample room to roam about and dodge incoming attacks at the same time.

Not being able to move and without any Medic to back you up, using Super Soldier is never a good idea! Heavily armored Monsters like Goliath doesn’t stand a chance when Super Soldier is activated.

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