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Dragon’s Dogma Online Four Jobs Detailed with Images

The last time we talked about Dragon’s Dogma Online was when Capcom released a bunch of new screenshots featuring characters as well as some story details. They were awesome but what we have now tells you more about what you could be in the game.

Official website of the game has listed down four jobs that the game is going to feature and discussed what each one of them is going to offer.

Fighter, Hunter, Priest and Shield Sage are the four jobs that have been detailed by the developers. They have also shared at least two images of each so that you can get a better idea of what they are made of.

The first job, Fighters are quick to move and make good use of their swords as well as shields. With priceless balance ad stability, they are great at close encounters.

Next up are the Hunters – think of them as the snipers from modern day FPS titles – who are great at hitting the weak spots with special arrows. Needless to say, ranged attacks are their excelling point. As a bonus point, they are also quick.

Priests are the support; they bring healing powers, magical withholdings to keep the enemies out and if needed use magic to defend themselves against the enemy that is closing in. Obviously, they would want to keep their distance from the enemy camps.

Lastly, the Shield Sage, as the name suggests don a massive shield that is multi purpose. You can hold off powerful attacks or you can use it to knock out enemies with a push. They are your defense which will others the time to get more offensive.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is supposed to release in Japan this year.