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Destiny Reputation Panel Coming in the Update 1.1.1, Says Bungie

Destiny update 1.1.1 might be a little away but we know one more reason why you are going to want it soon. The update is going to bring you the much requested Reputation Panel. This will allow you to keep a check on the reputation of factions and vendors all around you.

Design lead of the user interface team of Bungie, David Candland aka Evil Otto discussed the Reputation Panel in detail saying that it was going to save you long walks from vendor to vendor:

We’ve created a way for you to see your faction reputations and weekly marks without having to run from vendor to vendor in the Tower. Now this information is never more than two clicks away!

He was also very open about the release timing of this new feature. In fact, Candland has revealed that Destiny update 1.1.1 was going to bring you Reputation Panels – because it was a no-brainer:

We’re working on a lot of new features. This one is being included in 1.1.1 because it had a very low impact on our Test team. We’ve known we’ve wanted this feature since we donned our first piece of faction class gear, and the community has too. It was a no-brainer.

As far as the layout of the user interface is concerned, he said that while the inventory screen real estate is already crowded, this feature will be “using the fly-out convention we established in the settings screen.”

This is because they wanted it to be in “close proximity to your currencies,” since your purchases are going to be affected by this feature.

Today is Friday which means Xur Agent of the Nine is visiting Destiny once more. If you are interested in getting some exotic gear or upgrades, head here to find out his location and the items he is selling.