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Blizzard to Reveal More Details About Overwatch at PAX East

Blizzard is planning to reveal more content at PAX East for its recently announced multiplayer shooter Overwatch.

The studio’s first new franchise in nearly seventeen years is a product of Project Titan, a sci-fi endeavor that was ultimately scrapped because it could not achieve the “fun factor.” So far we’ve been treated to an excellent debut trailer and bits on some of its characters.

According to the official PAX East schedule, Blizzard will be hosting a three-man panel where it will talk about “bold new heroes, exciting new cards, and epic new battlegrounds.” The latter two portions of course refer to HearthStone and World of Warcraft. Heroes of the Storm is another franchise that Blizzard is confirmed to talk on.

The panel is listed for Friday, March 6 at 10:30 AM EDT, and will be attended by Dustin Browder (Game Director, Heroes of the Storm), Eric Dodds (Game Director, Hearthstone), and Jeff Kaplan (Game Director, Overwatch).

Overwatch was officially announced during Blizzcon 2014 and combines humor with competitive team-play, similar to Team Fortress 2. The game is well far into development and is in a playable state. Blizzcon attendants from last year enjoyed what Overwatch had to offer.

A beta is scheduled for later this year, but details are still pending. We just might get those at PAX East.