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Xenoblade Chronicles X Website Updated With New Screenshots and Details

Xenoblade Chronicles X website has been updated with new details about the game and a number of new screenshots.

According to the website, Xenoblade will allow players to customize their characters freely. You can add and remove equipment and make adjustment to its appearance. Customization doesn’t end there as Xenoblade features an option that not many games have.

Apart for letting you use a range of equipment and gear, the game will also let you customize the voice of your characters.

Moreover, when you start the game you can create a new avatar which you should consider as your altered ego. Players will have complete freedom while creating a new avatar as they can choose gender, face-type along with body size, skin (skin color, freckles, cheeks, scars, moles), hairstyle, hair color and much more.

In addition, female players can also adjust breast size of their digital avatar.

There are also some minor details of Field Overview, which can be read here if you can understand the language.

Lastly,  a really cool music track is also available which can be downloaded by visiting the link here. Lastly, a number of new screenshots have been shared. They show several locations and highly impressive visuals.

Check out the images and let us know what you think of this game in the comments below.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is heading to Wii U later this year. For more on Xenoblade, stay tuned to SegmentNext.