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Sword Coast: Legends is a New Game From Dragon Age: Origins Director

Sword Coast: Legends is a new Dungeons & Dragon’s game that is being developed by Digital Extremes and led by Dan Tudge, industry veteran and who has worked on Dragon Age: Origins as its game director.

According to the game’s official website, Sword Coast: Legends is due for release later this year for PC. Those interested can also place pre-orders through the same website right now, though a release date is yet to be mentioned.

Sword Coast: Legends introduces a brand new Dungeon Master mode where one player can take the role of Dungeon Master. From hereon, the player can guide other players through dungeons. While the website states it in a positive manner, it’s possible that Dungeon Masters can also make your experience hazardous by guiding you towards traps. This though is a speculation for the time being.

From the screenshots and video, the game is actually looking pretty nice. In fact taking into account that it’s still in development, the final product should be pretty impressive.