New Bloodborne Video Reveals Eerie, Gothic Environment

I am sure we have seen enough of Bloodborne that no one from the community will say that they need some more footages to justify buying the title.

However, that doesn’t mean From Software doesn’t have anything interesting to share any more.

The latest footage that has been revealed by the developers is exactly what I am talking about, another awesome aspect of the game that you wouldn’t want to miss out on: the really, really eerie environment of this spiritual successor of Dark Souls.

It came out through IGN and shows how some of the structures in Bloodborne are going to be as gothic as it gets. You see the outsides of old cathedral-styled buildings that are creeping with trees and bushes that are nothing less creepy, and later on the insides of some of those buildings are shown.

Statues, bricked walls, huge pillars and carvings all around – this looks like a visual definition of the word gothic.

It gets better as we watch on, there are these old windows to complement the insides and then we have candles – a perfect combination with the statues and what looks like an altar.

If you thought that was it,, trust me the creepiness just began to unravel. There are going to be much darker places in Bloodborne than the one I explained above. You are going to get what looks like the insides of a cave that looks like a ritualistic spot, dark staircases that seem to lead to lucifer’s den and finally you will go to jungles.

Jungles with pathways that are lit with lanterns!

Oh and in the end there is an overview of the city where all this is going to go down, the clock tower looks overpowering ad definitely under a curse!

Bloodborne is out for PlayStation 4 on March 24, 25, 26 and 27 for North American, European Union, Japan and UK respectively.