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Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pass, DLC Plans, Skins Discussed by Producer

Did you watch the Twitch live stream that showed off numerous variations of Kitana and reptile some days ago? It was a treat for sure! However, that is old news and we have something more to look forward to when Mortal Kombat X releases.

The things you are going to get with the Kombat Pass have been shared by the executive producer of the game Shaun Himmerick. According to his Twitter, there are going to be at least four new playable characters to choose from and a total of 15 skins.

The skins are going to be divided in five different skin packs, I am guessing there wil be three in each one of them. Here’s the full tweet any way:

The Kombat pack is 4 full characters and 5 skin packs (15 skins) which includes some of my most favorite skins in the game.

He was also asked if all the characters were going to get a skin, but it appears that while the on disc characters will get one, it is not confirmed about the DLC characters:

All on disc characters yes. DLC not sure. The size of the download becomes an issues.

In other tweets, he has also confirmed that none of the features that are going to come with Mortal Kombat X are going to require PlayStation Plus.

As far as the DLC plans for the game are concerned, Himmerick seems to have received complaints that the DLC is being cut out from the main game. He tried to clarify that as well:

Wish I could get people to understand MKX DLC was not cut from launch content we do it after we finish the disc. DLC content can’t get done in time for launch, if the content wasn’t DLC it would not be part of the game. There’s just not enough time.

Do you agree with the content is being released with DLC? How would you want Mortal Kombat X to do it?