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Mass Effect 4 Multiplayer Confirmed? Devs Are Hiring Online Producer

While the first two games in the Mass Effect series didn’t have any multiplayer whatsoever, Mass Effect 3 did and it received mixed reviews from the fans.

It provided a coop with up to four players where you fought against the reapers – but that was about it. It wasn’t really an extensively integrated version and was kept limited.

However, something tells me that the feature is going to return in Mass Effect 4 and it will probably be more expansive than the previous iteration.

Chris Wynn, the senior development director for Mass Effect 4 tweeted a job opening form his official Twitter profile saying that “things are getting real now and I need an excellent Producer to come shape online for the next Mass Effect.”

This was accompanied by a link to the job opening for an Online Producer.

According to the listing, the applicants should have at least seven years of experience and extensive market knowledge. The job responsibilities don’t really give away any thing about the nature of the online features but it is pretty clear what they would want to hire such an experienced producer for it.

It could just be for incorporating the usual online features into the game but that doesn’t make more sense than online multiplayer functionality after looking at the job listing.

Another reason why I say this is because Wynn later responded to a tweet saying that there are people who would like online and multiplayer in Mass Effect 4.

In the recent days, it has been clarified that the game is not going to be an Xbox One exclusive and there has been a lot of praise on part of the developers about how good the game is looking now.

I am sure we are nearing the final product.