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H1Z1 Getting Key Rebinding With New Patch, Steam API Updated

After a not so impressive launch of H1Z1 early access a few weeks ago, Sony Online Entertainment (Daybreak Games) is doing everything they can to make H1Z1 a better game.

For that purpose, they will keep releasing regular updates and the latest, is coming on February 12. H1Z1 will feature  key-rebinding after the latest patch rolls out, in addition to a number of bug fixes.

According to the patch notes:

Key bindings can now be re-mapped. After selecting an action, press the key to map to that action. Pressing [Esc] will cancel the key bind. Holding [Esc] will clear the currently mapped key. Users cannot bind a key to multiple actions in the same action set. Also added a button to reset all key bindings to default.

The patch notes were shared on Reddit by SOE in which they further revealed an update to Steam API. These improvements will help with crash issues some user have been reporting. Moreover, there are a number of fixes to object orientation, collision values and placement.

You can see other notable changes from the changelog below:

Weapon Changes

  • Lowered Hip Fire & Iron Sight horizontal recoil.
  • Lowered damage.
  • Improved overall consistency while firing.


  • Increased Hip Fire recoil.


  • Lowered damage per pellet.
  • Lowered horizontal recoil.
  • Lowered pellet count.
  • Slightly increased fire rate.
  • Adjusted pellet spread.
  • Decreased pellet speed.
  • Increased pellet weight.
  • Decreased amount of bleeding caused when hit by shotgun.

For more information about the latest patch, visit the Reddit link given above. Keep in mind that server of the game will be down at 3AM PST for around 2 hours.