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Dying Light Hard Mode, New Content Confirmed by Techland

Do you think you are soon going to run out of things to do in Dying Light? Well, don’t worry since the developers have a plan that will extend the life of the game. They are going to release a number of expansions and additions to the game starting with a much requested Hard Mode!

Techland’s producer Tymon Smektala said that since you guys had loved the game so much that many of you have already ended it, something new was needed to turn up the heat.

However, the Hard Mode is going to do justice to the name that it has been given; Smektala says that it will challenge everything you have learned:

A few gamers have already finished Dying Light and are asking for more. So we’re going to give our community a new challenge that will put everything they learnt in the game to the test. Hard Mode is exactly that. We’re aiming to have it out around the start of March, if not sooner. Depends on how brutal we wanna make this on people.

Well, I am sure you will love the Hard Mode, but don’t you think there will be more fans among us who would prefer to get new content first?

As far as the changes in Dying Light Hard Mode are concerned, you are going to be met with more vicious enemies, that will be deadlier just like the new night time scenarios you will be facing. It will also up the requirement of stealth and reduce the quantity of resources that you can find out in the game world.

Anyhow, if you are going to go in for the Hard Mode, you would be all prepped for it; we can help you in that with things like the poster locations, a complete side quests guide, blueprints locations and more.