Diablo III Needs an Art Director, Blizzard is Hiring

Work on games like Diablo III is never done, even after years have passed since the release, it is the new content and the upkeep that keeps the community going.

Which is why Blizzard is going to do everything they need to in order to keep things fresh. For instance, hiring a new art director. We have stumbled upon a job opening at the development studio, and you might want to see if you are up for it.

In the job listing that we have spotted on Gamasutra, Blizzard has described the job post saying that it will be a lead role where you will motivate and inspire others and being an artist you will be developing new characters and environments.

As art director, you will ignite and inspire others both as a leader and as an artist. As a leader you will be a motivational catalyst for the art team. As an artist, your vision and direction will help define the look of new characters, environments, and architecture in the Diablo style. In addition to driving and evangelizing a clear visual direction within the art team, you will also ensure close collaboration with design, programming, production and other disciplines.

Do remember that they are also asking for 10 years of experience in the field of videogame art out of which they would prefer is you have spent half as an art director or a lead artist. That is a lot to ask, but a game like Diablo III deserves nothing less.

Don’t you think?