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Battlefield Hardline Beta: Here’s Why Headshots Were Nerfed

In FPS shooters, battles are intense and your reflexes have to be top-notch if you wish to be dominant. However, no matter how good you are if you’re shot in the head, you’ll be heading back to your spawn point.

Meanwhile, in the recently held beta of Battlefield Hardline headshots were nerfed. Meaning even if you’ve managed a perfect headshot, it won’t kill your opponent.

I played the beta as well, but I didn’t notice this as I was too busy getting shot at from every direction. Just never got the chance to shoot someone in the head. Anyways, those who are good at these games and noticed this change, Visceral has explained their decision to nerf headshots by saying:

The short answer is balance…Because the time to kill was something we wanted to make sure isn’t super short. We want players to be able to compete with skill, and the randomisation that comes from the single headshots, even though you’re putting [rounds] on target and you feel like you’re getting that shot, the randomisation creates an experience that isn’t particularly fun.

I don’t agree with developers on this. Managing a headshot in Hardline’s 64-player mayhem should be rewarded with a one-shot kill, don’t you think?

Battlefield Hardline is still in development and if you don’t want headshots to be nerfed, be vocal about it and maybe changes will be made before release.

Speaking of release, Battlefield Hardline is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 17.