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Telltale Games CEO Discusses New IP, New Minecraft Game

Telltale Games is currently gearing up for more than one new games. While one of them is going to be the new Minecraft game, the other one is going to be an original new IP of their own.

Also, the development studio now has a new CEO, Kevin Bruner who was recently discussing both the projects in an interview.

According to him, there are many superfans of Minecraft at their studio, so they are going to be ambitious. He also said that since the universe is so open ended, story telling has a lot of potential in there. He mentioned the narrative content already circling YouTube and Amazon to hint at the quantity of stuff there is already that could help with the new Minecraft game.

In some ways it’s a blank slate but there’s also a lot built in to Minecraft that’s about exploring and building and spending time with your friends and playing together. There’s surviving, when you think about it there’s a lot to build off of.

In the interview, he was obviously asked to talk about the original new IP that they are currently working on. While we have not been told much about it – not even the name – we do know now that it is going to be based around interactive storytelling.

They have “spent a lot of time experimenting over the last decade with how powerful a storytelling tool interactive can be,” and because of that Bruner thinks that they have all the tools they needed to deliver a masterpiece.

While he said that they are ready for it now, Bruner agreed that this new game is “probably the most ambitious thing the company has ever done.”

Alright we know what he is doing, these comments don’t really give specifics about their new game but they do tell us the kind of effort they are putting into it. Oh and needless to say, the game is going to pour a lot into the story that it follows because at Telltale Games, these guys “always start with the story” instead of the game mechanics.

When we look at stuff and we say we could make anything into a Telltale game, that’s also where the kind of thinking of what would be the perfect thing? What would be the thing that fits in to all the ways that we want to tell stories interactively? That’s kind of where the original IP came from. We just have a real perspective on how powerful something built from the ground up could really become.

So it appears, their new IP is going to be more of a Telltale Games kind of a title than the previous ones that they have made. Don’t you think?