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Star Citizen Patch 1.0.2 Brings New Skins and Bug Fixes

Star Citizen is probably the biggest crowdfunded game and thanks to all that money, development of the project is going very smoothly. Now, Cloud Imperium has updated its game to version 1.0.2 via a new patch.

The patch brings a number of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements. Developers have also included three new skins for Auroras while increasing the regeneration of Aurora LN fuel.

For those who like to take their frustration out by attacking allies, a new warning message has been added. On occasion, the 350 r would load into a match without any ammo. Players should rest assured as this issue has been fixed. In addition, “350r is able to have a Talon Stalker Twin Rack mounted on it in the holotable.”

Other highlights from the patch notes can be seen below:


  • Ships
  • Added paint skin hardpoint to all Aurora ships
  • Added BEHR Laser Cannon S1s to the wing-top weapon hardpoints of the Aurora LN
  • Added audio to several usable locations in the Redeemer


  • Added Tarantula-870 ballistic gun
  • Added a ‘shields’ section to the holotable
  • Added new parameters that allow for creation of different brands of shields
  • Added different behavioral styles for shield generators using new parameters
  • Added 8 new Seal Corporation shield generators. These will fall into one of two behavioral styles:
  • Increased reduction against direct weapon fire with reduced splash absorption
  • Increased splash absorption with reduced direct fire absorption

If you wish to go into further details, visit the official website.