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Persona 5 Runs on a Calendar System, More Information Revealed

A few more details have come to light for Persona 5, through this week’s Dengeki PlayStation publication in Japan.

Thanks to Gematsu for translating the scans, we now know that Persona 5 will feature a more lively setting compared to its predecessor. The protagonist and his companions attend Shujin Academy, a private high school that’s located in Tokyo.

The game will run on a calendar system, where players will have to attend classes and social events on certain days and at certain times. Return of weather systems has also been confirmed.

During the day, players will lead a normal life. However, at night players will don on their masks and steal specific items as a thief. Atlus will most probably explain more on the day/night routines in the coming weeks.

Persona 5 will give you the option of sneaking past enemies, if you’re not interested in opting for a full-blown fight. Similar to previous titles, players this time around will once again need to exploit enemy weakness to take advantage on the battlefield.

Finally, the game’s soundtrack is described as acid jazz this time around.

Arsene, the game’s protagonist, appears to be incredibly well designed. We’re sure the rest of the characters featured in the game will go equally as well.

Source Gematsu