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NCSoft Struggling to Keep Wildstar Afloat as Revealed By 2014 Financials

It’s not a secret that Wildstar is not doing so well financially for a while now. Not only that, but Carbine Studio also has major issues to solve and regain momentum. Towards the end of last year, the studio was hit with lay-offs and the team is working towards turning Carbine into a live-studio.

We don’t know how the company as a whole will recover and if WildStar will stand back up on its feet this year. However, if 2014 financials are any indication, Wildstar could be heading towards a disaster.

Here’s Windstar’s 2014 earnings as revealed by a┬áConference Call for Q4 2014.

  • Q2 2014 – $25,57 million
  • Q3 – $14,59 million
  • Q4 – $5,004 million

You can see revenues declining each quarter, the worst hit was during the last quarter. Compared to Q3, earning dropped close to $10 million in Q4.

It’s not that NCSoft aren’t doing anything to make a comeback, they are. They fixed major issues with the game and introduced a brand new update cycle in addition to other improvement to Wildstar. If all goes well, 2015 should be a much better year for Wildstar and NCSoft.

Moreover, total earning of NCSoft was also shared during the same Conference Call.

  • Lineage 1 – $239,8 million
  • Lineage 2 – $54,22 million
  • Blade & Soul – $75,39 million
  • Aion – $86,08 million
  • WildStar – $45,14 million
  • Guild Wars 2 – $78,03 million
  • Others – $61,04 million

NCSoft are in a bit of hiccup for time being but I believe it’s not something they can’t recover from. Hopefully, they will keep making right choices when it comes to WildStar and we should see the game making healthy profits in no time.