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Little Big Planet 3 Patch 1.05 Goes Live, Brings Multiple Changes and Fixes

The latest Little Big planet 3 patch is now live on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Dubbed as patch 1.05, it will take 495MB of space on PS4 while 110MB space is required on PS3.

In patch 1.05, you’ll find a new save profile system that’ll help prevent save data corruption on PS4. On the other hand, the usual stability and general/multiplayer improvements are in numbers in patch 1.05.

Many users were reporting game freeze issues while trying to unlock Little Big Planet 2 content. The problem is addressed in update 1.05 and the game will no longer freeze.

Matchmaking is improved to “ensure successful connections with other players,” while a number of connection failure issues will be no longer affect your experience.

Notable changes/improvements are listed below:

  • Generally improved our multiplayer match-making functionality to help ensure successful connections with other players.
  • Fixed a multiplayer connection failure issue that may occur when a player accepts a Game Invite whilst in a level.
  • Fixed a multiplayer connection failure issue that may occur when attempting to join another player that is not a PSN Friend.
  • Fixed a multiplayer connection issue that may occur when a player requests to join another player whilst already present in another Host Player’s game session and not the current Host Player.
  • Players will no longer become disconnected from a multiplayer game session when attempting to join another player in the Ziggurat Grand Hall adventure level.
  • Attempting to simultaneously join a player of your own accord and accepting an invite to join them will no longer cause a failure message to appear in both instances.
  • Players will no longer get stuck on a loading screen if a network error occurs whilst trying to join a Pod that is already containing two or more players.

For more information, head down to the official PlayStation Forum. Lastly, PS4 users are advised not to boot the game until the patch is installed, in order to avoid issues.