Hitman Agent 47 First Trailer is Bloody and Hot!

Oh do I just love that background music or what. The first trailer of Hitman Agent 47 is out and it doesn’t disappoint at all!

When Rupert Friend, is told that Agent 47 is not a name he says “I know, but it is mine.”

However, that is not the coolest of dialogues, the best one is when an agent tells him that he should remember he is locked in with the agent who has the gun, he says “no Mr. Sanders, you are locked in here with me, and you just brought me mine.”

Yeah, I am sure it is going to be awesome!

Anyhow, down the line you are told how Hitman Agent 47 is about an engineered human being who is faster, stronger and much more intelligent than the average human being.

Zachary Quinto is tasked with stopping this one and the entire Agents program and it is going to involve a girl whose father originally started it.

I did love Quinto in Heroes, but it has been a long time since, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how awesome can he get in this.

Hitman Agent 47 is slated for a release on August 28, 2015