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Destiny House of Wolves DLC Available for Download?

Okay this might come as a schocker – it did for me – because so far Destiny House of Wolves DLC has not even been dated for a release but somehow, there are people who claim that the expansion is now ready for download.

To be specific, there is this YouTube user who has uploaded a video showing off how you can reach it.

Apparently, if you go to the Xbox One market place on your console where you will find Destiny itself, you will also be able to see that the House of Wolves expansion is also listed there among other things.

Not just that, you can also download the files whenever you want.

Obviously, the user says that he didn’t experience any change in the game even after the files had been downloaded. It is also worth noting that the installation file size shown with the download is merely 9.5 MB in size.

So what could this be all about? We know for sure that the expansion is going to be pretty massive in size, could this just be a placeholder for the full installation?

Why would Bungie even want something like this? Moreover, how can something like this pop up as the result of a mistake?

Parallel to this, we reported today that an unofficial Remote Play app has been developed which now lets you play Destiny through virtually any Android device. You might want to read up on that too.

We would seriously want to be told more about the House of Wolves download which is why we have asked the developers for a comment. Keep checking back for updates.