You Can Remote Play Destiny on Any Android Mobile Now!

Alright don’t go up jumping because you have had a smrtphone other than Sony Xperia and so you were unable to use PlayStation 4 Remote Play app to play Destiny. While the solution I am talking about works, it does not come from the official sources.

Didn’t get a word of what I just said? Well, Sony lets you remote play Bungie’s FPS already with their official app, but the functionality has been restricted to only a select number of smartphones.

Now, someone has took it upon himself to sort things out for those who have a phone that is not capable of remote play.

As a result, an unofficial port of the PS4 Remote Play app has been made that allows you to play Destiny on virtually any Android phone that you might have. The app has been made by TheScriptKitty (thank you NightmareTacoGaming for the video) and is now available for download.

Obviously this comes with its fair share of scepticisms, for instance the PS4 app is there on Google Play officially whereas this one is to be downloaded outside of the official app store. Needless to say, that means going against what the developers of the game and the console have allowed.

In the video above you can see how exactly the app works. See if this is exactly like playing Destiny on the PS4 Remote Play or not.