Call of Duty Championship 2015 Inspired DLC Released for Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Championship 2015 is taking place on 27 March in LA, and  winners will be awarded $1 million. To celebrate the event and generate more buzz, Sledgehammer has released a special set of DLC.

The newly released content is inspired by Call of Duty World Championship 2015 and is available for Advanced Warfare. Moreover, all of the content is exclusive to one platform, any guesses? To no one’s surprise, it’s only available on Xbox One.

The DLC is named “Call of Duty Championship Premium Personalization Pack.” It includes a Golden Weapon Camo, Emblem Layer, three Reticles and a Calling Card. In addition, you’re getting a Championship Helmet and Exoskeleton. As for the price, it will cost you $3.99 on Xbox Live.

Furthermore, for a mere $1.99, you can get “Extra Create-A-Class Slots.” According to Sledgehammer “The Extra Slots pack increases the number of customizable Create-A-Class Slots with 50 Additional Slots. Carefully tune your added Create a Class Slots and be ready for whatever the competition throws at you.”

Last on the list are “Extra Armory Slots” which are also priced at $1.99. For this price, you’re getting 120 extra slots” to increase the number of items that can be stored in the redeemable loot section of your armory.” You can store additional character gear and weapons loot in these slots.

32 North American Teams have qualified for the Regional Finals of COD Championship, while Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Latin American (LATAM) regional finals will be held over the weekend.

Regional finals will take place from March 6-8 and top 14 teams will get a chance to compete in the Call of Duty World Championship finals on March 27-29. As previously announced, the prize pool is $1 million. For more details, visit here.