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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Getting New Character Loot this Friday

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is getting new character loot this Friday, February 13 as part of AWGearDrops, Sledgehammer Games has announced.

The new gear will be added into Supply Drop rotations, and playing during this weekend will let you earn parts of the gear. Additionally, there will also be two new playlists in the game to look forward to this weekend: Gun Game and One Shot Mosh Pit.

Earlier in the day, it was revealed that Atlas Gorge, the map which was previously exclusive to Season Pass holders, has now been made available for purchase as a standalone DLC.

Atlas Gorge will be added to the standard playlist rotation for TDM, Domination and Kill Confirmed, and will cease to have its own playlist.

It’s priced at $4.99, which might not fit right with players.

With Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, bonus maps were made available to everyone for free after the game’s launch, before being added to the standard rotation. With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Activision made the significant decision of attaching another price tag, giving future installments yet another way to burn holes in consumers’ wallets.

Source Sledgehammer Games