Black Desert Online: Episode 2 Trailer Shows Many Locations of Media Republic

A new trailer for Black Desert Online showcases many locations of Media Republic, a new area in Episode 2 of the game.

While the trailer reminds us how the new episode is a major expansion to the game, we also get to see how visually impressive Black Desert Online is.

Media Republic is found between Serendia and Valencia, and has four new hunting grounds, three new regions, and plenty of new NPCs for players to interact with. According to the announcement, there will be around a hundred new monsters to fight, all of whom will be spread across levels 51-55, and with new combat patterns. Episode 2 will also add crafting, commerce, and new combat content.

Go ahead and watch the trailer to get a glimpse of what new locations you can visit.

Black Desert Online is currently in open beta in Korea. A western release has been confirmed but will take place sometime in 2016, which most probably will be late in the year.