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You Can Watch The Final of DayZ Survivor GameZ on Twitch

After an year long wait, the finals of DayZ Survivor GameZ are here. The final battle was streamed on Twitch to determine the ultimate winner of the event. I won’t spoil it for you, so check out the footage to know the results.

If you don’t know, Survivor GameZ is a deathmatch event held on Twitch. It brings together different gaming personalities from Twitch, YouTube and other platforms around the web. These personalities battle it out within the brutal world of Day Z.

What makes these battles more interesting is the limited amount of weapons, supplies and other resources. The winner from the qualifying rounds move on to the invitational round, where he is allowed to invite a partner in the Arena.

The invitational is a 3-phase-death matches that puts personalities from Twitch, Youtube etc against each other in various areas of Chernarus.

The finals took place after 14 months and was highly anticipated by many. Grab some popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy three hours of DayZ Survivor GameZ action.

Lastly, I would recommend starting the video from 47 min mark. Before that point, it’s mostly interview and backstory etc. However, there’s no reason you shouldn’t see what the creators have to say.