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Yakuza Zero Screenshots Show New Characters, Music DLC

Characters of Yakuza games have always been interesting and their unique personalities play a massive role in enhancing the overall experience.

Sega has released a plethora of new screenshots from Yakuza Zero, showing a range of different characters of the game. Looking at the screenshots it’s amazing how detailed these characters are. Some of them are from the main cast while others seem to be new to the series.

Sega in collaboration with Sony are planning to release a music DLC. It will include an in-game walkman along with Yakuza Zero 80’s hit collection. Songs from this collection will play at various in-game convenience stores and shops.

The Walkman feature is also portrayed in some of the images. You can see the character running around the streets and listening to music. The UI seems pretty simple and you’ll be able to browse the 80’s music collection using the D-Pad on your controller.

The Walkman will allow users to fast forward, rewind and even put a song on repeat. Yakuza Zero is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game is heading to these platforms in March only in Japan. Sega is yet to confirm a western release of Yakuza Zero.

Moreover, Sony will release two variants of a special edition PS4 to celebrate the release of Yakuza Zero. You can know more about that by following the link here.

So tell us, would you like to add some flavor to your gameplay by making use of the Walkman Feature?