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Ubisoft has been Holding Out on Finished “Know Your Friends” Wii U Game

A new report reveals that Ubisoft has been holding out on a finished Wii U game for over a year.

The game is called “Know Your Friends” and is a party game with no current plans for release. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal between 2013 and early 2014, the game is said to be pulled back because of the struggling sales of Ubisoft’s past Wii U games and of Nintendo’s hardware as well.

The report further states that Know Your Friends features local and online multiplayer. The party and quiz game has plenty of ways with which to access the GamePad for social interactions. One such scenario was each player arranging the others on the GamePad based on who is most likely to invite the others over for dinner.

Each player is represented by a 2D papercraft person, which has the player’s face mapped on the in-game character through the GamePad’s camera.

Know Your Friends can still release for the Wii U, since it’s completely finished. Ubisoft’s plans are however, unknown. The company’s last title to release on the console was Watch Dogs last November. Currently there’s no announcement of any future release on the Wii U from Ubisoft’s side, which may also answer the question of Know Your Friends’ fate.

Source Unseen64