Total War: Attila Special Edition”Hunboxing” Video is Huntastic

Have you ever seen someone take an arrow to the knee while making an unboxing video? Neither did I. That will change when you check out the unboxing video for Total War: Attila Special Edition.

It’s not really an unboxing video but its more on par with a “Hunboxing” video. What’s Hunboxing you ask? It wouldn’t be fun at all to explain, its best you see for yourself. Be careful though, future unboxing videos may seem boring after seeing this one.

All of the content of this special edition is shown in the video, Hun style. However, if the video is too much for you, here’s what you can expect for it.

The most notable part of the special edition is Viking Forefathers Culture Pack This will bring three new playable factions to Total War: Attila

Next up is a 64-page biography from the famous military history specialists named Osprey Publishing. The biography will help you know Atilla The Hun better and maybe protect your empire from him.

Last but not the least is a Double-sided poster that features the campaign map and reference guide to all playable factions.

Total War: Attila Special edition is available for $49.99, while the base game can be yours for just $44.99. The title is a PC exclusive and will be released later this month on February 17.