The Order 1886: First Hour of Gameplay Tells You More About It

The Order 1886 will be released later this month but it seems a lot of players have got their hands on early copies. On a daily basis, we are coming across leaked images or videos from the game and today is no different.

User named LordTronix has shared the first hour of The Order 1886 gameplay. The first hour of the game is divided into five videos, the first one is posted above while the rest of the footage is available at LordTronix YouTube channel.

Before hitting play, beware that these videos feature massive story spoilers. If you are planning on picking up the game for yourself, I would recommend not watching any of the videos.

As expected, The Order 1886 looks spectacular visually. The only concern some of us had was regarding the gameplay section of this title. However, those concerns are a part of history as we now know that this game is more than a cinematic experience.

Intense battles will take place on the streets of the Victorian era London, in which players will have to take on human enemies along with half breed monsters.

The Order 1886 is heading to PlayStation 4 on February 20th and is being developed by Ready At Dawn. If you don’t care about spoilers, check out the videos and let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.