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Rockstar Shares More Player-Created Throwback Jobs for GTA Online

Rockstar Games has posted more player-created Throwback Jobs for GTA Online that are inspired by previous GTA titles.

The latest bunch feature seven missions in total and are inspired by GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, and Episodes from Liberty City.

Vice City

  • The Fastest Boat by GhostFire79 (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
  • Love Fist Fury by giantnugget (Xbox One & Xbox 360)

San Andreas

  • Dam and Blast by PyRo235 (PS4 & PS3)
  • High Stakes, Low Rider by reform1 (PS4 & PS3)

Episodes from Liberty City

  • Bad Cop Drop by Infernus_XS (PS4 & PS3)
  • Hit The Pipe by tREVENGE124 (PS4 & PS3)
  • Witness Protection GTA V by 19JDTB98 (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
  • Arab Money by dfeazy (Xbox One & Xbox 360)

To read on about each job in detail, head over to the Rockstar NewsWire.

Last year, a wave of nostalgia filled the streets of GTA Online after fans used the Creator tool to formulate the most key settings of past GTA games and in doing so pay homage.

The total list of creations is huge, but Rockstar has kept itself busy by choosing the great ones and sharing it with the public.