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Far Cry 4 was Top Selling PS4 Title in Japan for Last Week of January

Far Cry 4 was met with exceptional success in the western market but it wasn’t expected to do that well in Japan. However, the game has surprised everybody as it was sold out in the Japanese market on release.

Far Cry 4 came out in Japan late last month and for the week between January 26 and February 1, the game sold a total of 36,329 copies on PS4. That’s 92.37 percent of its total stock, meaning the game was sold out on the system.

If we compare that to PS3, Far Cry 4 managed to sell 18,366 units on PS4’s predecessor. That’s 63.84 percent of its overall stock on PS3.

Western first person shooter games aren’t the most popular titles among Japanese gamers. Considering that, the game did really well and will surely encourage Ubisoft to increase the amount of units shipped to the region.

Furthermore, the top selling game for the week was a 3DS title by the name of Devil Survivor 2: Break Record. The game sold 53,264 copies.

Now lets move on to hardware sales for the week.

To no ones surprise, New 3DS was the top selling gaming device for the week and managed to move 21,880 units. On the other hands Sony’s PlayStation 4 sold 17,392 while the PS3 and Vita sold 7,211 and 11,871 respectively.

Microsoft has been gaining momentum in the western market over the past couple of months. It even managed to go past PS4 in terms of sales for the first time since release. Meanwhile in Japan, it seems Microsoft may have to pull-out of the market completely with the Xbox One.

That’s because Microsoft only managed to sell 222 units in one week.

More details are available at Media Create, who originally released these figures.