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Dying Light Season Pass Detailed, Will Keep Adding Content Till May

Developer Techland has detailed and dated Dying Light’s season pass. According to the information, season pass holders will keep getting additional content till May.

First piece of DLC is Cuisine & Cargo, the content is already available and offers players a few hardcore missions. You will have to investigate various buildings that are closed-off ever since the outbreak started.

Locations include a deserted restaurant, a railyard along with a loading bay. Needless to say, all of these locations will be filled with flesh eating zombies.

In March, you will get Ultimate Survivor Bundle.As the name suggests, you will receive a number of items to help you survive the outbreak. These include four blueprints for weapons crafting and three special outfits.

That’s it for March, but May will bring more stuff as part of the Season Pass. May will add the The Bozak Horde that will allow players to take on waves of enemies on a new map. The action will go down in both single player and co-op modes.

As for the price, all of the above mentioned DLC can be yours for $19.99. It seems a bit too much for this content if you ask me. Still, if you wish to get it, you can grab the season Pass from PSN, XBLA or Steam.

Dying Light is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows/Linux PC. You can check out our detailed review for the game here.