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Diablo 3 Cheaters Kicked Out of Leaderboards by Blizzard

Did you happen to find some changes in the Diablo 3 leaderboards recently?

Some of the fans have reported that they saw an upward shift in their leaderboard ranking that had nothing to do with their performance.

As it turns out, it had more to do with what someone else did than what you did.

Nevalistis, the community manager of Blizzard at the forums came up and clarified what was being done. According to her, the changes that you might have experienced in the leaderboards of Diablo 3 are due to some recent bans.

Apparently, Blizzard has decided to kick out the players who have cheated their way to the top:

Players that were found to be in violation were removed from the leaderboards and other rankings have been adjusted appropriately as a result. This means your ranking may have increased if someone ranked above you was removed from the leaderboard. As we move forward to future seasons and eras, we’ll be continuing to monitor for such behavior and take appropriate action, though we may not always message when such ban waves occur.

Many of the community members were actually surprised that the developers really took that step, though I don’t see what else could be a more appropriate action.

Most of us are working day in and day out to make sure that the end product that is our community, is something we can look up to. It is practices like cheating that make all the efforts go down the drain.

I am sure the honest fans of Diablo 3 are going to be happy about the decision.